3D Architectural Visualisation – How To Create a Pixel-Perfect CGI Image

When it comes to 3D architectural rendering companies, their main purpose is to help both architects and designers present their projects in any way they want to. Justifying the price is one of the most challenging parts of just about any 3D architectural visualisation projects out there. But still, there are many different reasons why people love to do this.

For example, when it comes to architects, it is all about attracting potential investors with something truly breathtaking, and for designers, it is all about explaining their vision of the future real estate to their clients. That being said, no matter what the motives are, all of these professionals need to have proper presentation materials if they want to justify their project’s cost. And now, here are the top five techniques that you need to master if you want to make your CGI photos look like they are worth a million bucks!

Showcasing Your Materials in High Quality

While it is true that an architect’s vision can be expressed on a piece of paper, there is absolutely no doubt that it is not the best way to do it. This is especially the case with the demonstrating materials that have been carefully chosen by the designer for their looks. Keep in mind that your potential investors will always want to have a clear picture of how the materials will look when applied to the project in question. With this in mind, 3D architectural companies have access to all the right CGI tools that one could need these days. These companies know how to showcase their materials in high quality.

Adding Contextual Lifestyle Elements To Your Project

As far as decor and other contextual lifestyle elements, they play one of the most important roles when it comes to establishing the mood of a project. In order to justify the high price tag, it is very important for these details to exude a luxurious feel. Pretty much every CGI studio has access to all sorts of 3D models, including just about anything and everything from small screws to large buildings.

Applying the Right Amount of Lighting To Your Project

Although lighting may not seem like it is one of the most defining factors when it comes to the world of 3D architectural visualisation, the reality is that lighting can actually make or break just about any CGI image out there. To give a project the pixel-perfect look, the designer needs to apply the right amount of lighting to it. They also need to know how to use several different types of light, including things like candles, lamps, natural lights, and more.

Incorporating Humans Into Your CGI Images

It is a well-known fact that adding the figures of humans to a CGI image can give the project a lived-in look. 3D architectural rendering companies have access to all sorts of 3D models of people. When your clients see a high-quality image of a few dwellers having a great time at their location, it will make them feel even better about the project. Also, if you want to achieve the highest level of realism when it comes to adding the figures of humans to your CGI images, a 3D specialist can use photos of real people.

Using Multiple Points of View

Being able to see a space from just one or two points of view just won’t be able to give a full picture of the project. This is why you need to incorporate multiple points of view into your projects. Wide shots, bird’s eye-views, and close-ups – all of these points of view are extremely important when it comes to showcasing your projects to your clients. Also, if you want to turn one of your presentations into the most immersive experience possible, you can always use 3D animation.