5 Amazing Hidden Benefits of 3D Architectural CGI For Designers

Architectural Visualisation Exterior CGI for Modern House Property Norfolk

It is no secret that 3D architectural visualisation has changed the way professional architects conduct their property marketing. Computer-generated images allow architects to present a realistic image of buildings that are still under construction in incredible detail – something that people were simply not able to do before. The world of photo-realistic CGI has made winning clients easier than it has ever been before.

Although it is true that digital models might be better in terms of presentation, it is also important to note that they take a lot of time and effort to be constructed. However, things like these are not an issue anymore. That being said, here are five of the most amazing hidden benefits of 3D architectural visualisation for architectural designers!

Provides Top-Notch Marketing Materials

Both animations and computer-generated images can be used as effective marketing materials for your projects. For example, an architect can use their projects’ 3D visualisations for their email marketing strategy, social media pages, offline ads, or portfolio. And on top of that, not only do 3D rendering and architectural designs allow the architect to showcase their existing projects but also to showcase their future developments in amazing quality.

Provides Clients With a Shopping List Before Their Project Starts

As you may already know, 3D rendering of a project can be used as a realistic representation of a future design. But did you know that a 3D render can also be used as a shopping list for clients? You read that right! Having a highly detailed 3D rendering allows clients to make quick purchases for the upcoming construction process.

Allows Architects to Hold Online Remote Presentations

When an architect and their client live in different cities, holding online presentations is the way to go. Thanks to the Internet, holding online presentations has never been easier than it is today. And since people from all over the world are currently dealing with a global pandemic, it is pretty safe to say that the demand for remote cooperation has never been higher. However, there is a little problem when it comes to this kind of thing! Explaining schematic drawings and sketches through Skype can be quite a difficult thing to do sometimes. But the good news is that 3D architectural visualisation can help architects get rid of this problem.

Shows the Best Versions of Your Future Projects

Architectural CGI allows architects to show only the best versions of their projects to property developers, interior designers, a project manager, or potential buyers. In order to do this, an architect will need to send the original drawings to a CGI studio. These drawings will help the 3D artists recreate the original architectural design in a photorealistic quality. Even if the physical result of the project ends up being different than the initial plan, the architect will be able to present their designs in the best light, so it’s a win-win situation.

Allows For Early Troubleshooting

If your project looks flawless on a piece of paper, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the property development will be flawless when you bring it to life. The good news is that 3D architectural visualisation allows the architects to fix everything before the construction process takes off. This allows the architects to make their projects look just as good as they had originally planned.

As you can see, 3D architectural visualisation is like a treasure chest for just about any architect out there. It can make everything look so much easier.