5 Tips to Create an Awesome Property CGI Visualisation

Property Rendering CGI Images For Property Developer in Surrey, Greater London, United Kingdom

Realtors and property agents today have a powerful new tool at their disposal to help drive sales and sell properties. CGI visualisations can be used to create virtual walkthroughs for clients who can’t visit a property in person or to generate promotional materials for properties that haven’t been completed yet. So what are the keys to CGI property visualisation?

In this blog post, we’ll cover the five key elements of eye-catching CGI that visualisations share.

Standalone still shots

Depending on the medium used to display the images, 3D interactive graphics aren’t always feasible. Use traditional still images to convey some of the overall scale of your project. Overhead images are especially powerful and are doubly important for commercial or large-scale residential properties where they may be several buildings or large grounds to cover.

Aside from overhead shots, use CGI renderings in the traditional still image setting to show off key features of the proposed development. That could be a particularly stunning view from the back porch or a high-end, well-designed kitchen.

For most advertising purposes, the standalone still photo of your new property is still the centerpiece of any marketing push. That opening shot establishes the scope of your new development and sets the overall feel; professional, upscale residential, industrial, whatever it may be. The first virtual “sight” of your development needs to be perfect.

3D animation

CGI animation is the most interactive form of CGI. It’s an invaluable tool for a developer to show how large-scale developments would feel and work in real life, without them having to actually build it first. Oftentimes, this can be done with what looks like moving images on traditional media as well – video clips have replaced still images as the default way to showcase new developments.

3D animation can be overused, of course, but when used widely 3D animations can be a way of providing an interactive element to potential clients long before any construction begins.

The best thing about CGI animation is that it can be used to show off any property. From the exterior of the house, interior, and even features like a beautiful view with sunsets in an office building’s lobby or top floor meeting room, CGI animation works for both commercial and residential developments.

Interior design

Use your CGI visualisations to portray the interior design of your proposed development. This will show how the property can be used in a practical way and enable potential buyers to see exactly where their furniture or equipment might go. It provides an opportunity for you to highlight some of the strengths of your development that may not be obvious at first glance.

Of course, the proposed interior decorations and furnishings aren’t set in stone, but it does give potential buyers a chance to recognise the property “in action.” For that reason, make the interiors of your development as detailed as possible. Add in furnishings and decorations that highlight and draw out the strengths of the base design; you don’t want to conceal the underlying architecture, but highlight it.

Virtual walk-throughs

Immersive virtual reality allows buyers to see every aspect of a property, including spaces that previously weren’t available to them. It also allows buyers to make their decision quicker and easier by seeing all of the positives without having to visit different properties or neighborhoods in person.

An immersive 3D walk-through also highlights the elements mentioned above. If you’ve created a 3D rendering of fully-furnished interiors, your virtual walk-through can provide potential buyers with the same experience they’d have when walking through a property in person. This can actually give potential buyers an increased sense of security since they get more time with a potential property than during a physical showing.

Attention to detail

What will set your CGI digital rendering apart from all the others? Attention to detail, and the highest quality digital rendering possible.

A digital rendering is only going to look as good as it does because of the detail in the content. A property CGI visualisation with high-quality imagery and an impressive presentation will be able to capture a buyer’s attention more effectively.

The importance of color, texture, and depth in creating awe-inspiring visuals can’t be underestimated. Without the right detail, the virtual walk-throughs will look flat, the interior design elements will seem cheap and out-of-place, and any exterior shots will make the property feel more like a video game than a proper development.


If you’re designing a new commercial or residential development and planning to use CGI rendering to market it, don’t invest in low-quality CGI. When done correctly, using the above tips, CGI visualisation can dramatically increase the exposure and buzz around your latest project.