6 Benefits of a Virtual Aerial Site Plan For Architectural Visualisation


In recent years, three-dimensional visualisation technology has improved the ability to create a realistic view of an unbuilt building’s design. Designers can quickly review these snapshots to see how their designs will look in reality and make necessary adjustments if necessary. 

One of the improvements of architectural visualisation technology is the development of a virtual aerial site plan. You may ask, “What is a virtual aerial site plan? It is a digital creation of a location or scene providing a bird’s-eye level of it.

But why is it essential to see a site plan above the human’s eye level? How can an architect find the different viewpoints beneficial to the development of their design?

Continue to read below to discover the top six benefits of a virtual aerial site plan for architectural visualisation.

1 Provides a Full View of the Surrounding Areas

When you use an aerial building tour, you get a sense of how a property will blend within the environment. No other form of architectural visualisation will provide you a view other than a virtual aerial tour does.

When seeing the whole building and the surrounding area, a birds-eye view you can get a clear look on your design will fit together. Through this benefit, people can better visualise how it would feel to live at the property. Furthermore, architects and developers can look at the design in greater detail. 

2 Enhances the Ability to Visualise Future Changes and Projects

A virtual aerial site plan that is in the planning stage is the perfect opportunity to eliminate guesswork. Architects and other professionals often use this stage to explore a wide variety of options without investing in travel, props, photographers, and designers.

Also, as structures change, you never have to start from scratch! Compared to digital photos, you can modify the design much more efficiently and at a lower cost. 

Of course, this is a benefit from the use of a conventional photographic process. However, you will need a new photograph to recreate a location from a unique vantage point.


3 Impress Your Audience on Social Media

Nowadays, the best way to catch people’s attention on social media is through video. For example, you can create a virtual aerial tour and post it on social media to generate traffic to your website. Then, you can put a more extended version of the virtual aerial tour on your company’s website.

Modern technology is a great way to impress people. For example, a virtual aerial tour on your website will draw more people to your business. Even those who do not have any plans to buy will spend some time taking a look around.

As so many people are interested in your property, building brand recognition will be easier. Your company’s 3D animation will reap the most rewards if you add a great architectural design and smooth rendering.

4 Make a Lasting Impression on Potential Business Partners

Your company will get an excellent reputation when it consistently uses aerial tours for all the properties it develops. Remember, the most memorable company is the one that goes to great lengths to ensure satisfaction.

A presentation like this would impress not only prospective buyers but also investors. However, aerial tours require more money and time. Investors will believe your company is daring to go above and beyond what the competition is doing.

5  Stand Out Among the Crowd

With digital rendering used by all companies, standing out from the competition becomes more difficult. But you can create a unique brand and stand out among your competition by using a virtual aerial tour.

Animation is a relatively new technique, and few companies have started using it. Animation of your property from the bird’s eye would be awe-inspiring. Your parcel will be viewed as superior to others in the market.

6 Encourage Interaction

People like to get a feel of a property to see how it would be if living there. You can make your virtual aerial site plan clickable on your website. 

Using a mouse, users can navigate through the scene in the direction and angle that they prefer. Your digital file can also be created into a virtual reality tour so that your customers can experience it more realistically. As a result, interaction gives a stunning impression on people, making the experience even more significant. 

Are You Ready to Bring Your Virtual Aerial Site Plan to Life?

There is no better way to present an architectural project than with a virtual aerial tour. In the business world, generating more sales and achieving higher goals can be a wise investment strategy for your company. Having good 3D rendering and using the tour video correctly is key to maximising the value of your project.

When you’re ready to create your virtual aerial site plan, hire a professional 3D artist to get higher quality rendered images.