How 360-Degree Virtual Tours Have Changed How We View Spaces

The 360-degree revolution swept the world away and changed how we view and interact with places. From the high-rise apartments of New York to the world-famous Great Pyramids of Giza, virtual tours have become a dominant and immersive way of learning more about locations.

360-degree virtual tours have become a trendy way to experience spaces. They offer a unique perspective to see and experience an area that traditional 2D photos or videos cannot match.

Virtual reality tours are a modern, engaging way for interior designers to showcase their work, so potential clients get a true sense of the spaces they’re considering.

Although they’re used primarily as marketing tools, this new technology can aid decision-making. Here’s how they work and why they’re very beneficial.

What Are 360-Degree Virtual Tours?

Imagine that you’re standing in the middle of a room, and you can look 360 degrees around you. You’d be able to see everything around you in a full circle. This is the best way to describe a 360-degree virtual tour.

360-degree virtual tours are an excellent way for you to show your customers what the interior of a space looks like. 

You can use them on your website, in your social media content, and anywhere else that you can think of to help potential customers connect with your business.

How Do 360-Degree Virtual Tours Work?

360-degree virtual tours work using a series of panoramic images stitched together into a single seamless image or video. Viewers can then move around the image by clicking and dragging their mouse or swiping their finger on a touch screen.

These virtual tours work by using multiple cameras to capture every angle of space. You can then use these images in various applications so users can move the camera around and see everything from every angle freely.

Determine what your goals are for creating a 360-degree virtual tour. For example, are you after leads, sales, or just brand awareness? Once you figure out your goals, start thinking about the type of tour you want to create.

For Whom Are 360-Degree Virtual Tours?

360-degree virtual tours are an exceptional visualisation instrument for different classes of people. Some of the major ones are:

  • Property Developers
  • Interior Designers and Architects
  • House Contractors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Marketing Agencies

These groups of people visualise and develop the image of their properties, projects, and products effectively from all possible angles and viewpoints to promote them through 360-degree virtual tours. They then allow their clients to visit their properties, projects, and products in 3D to get a sense of them hassle-free.

Through immersive 360-degree virtual tours, clients can request further specifications of the properties, projects, and products before they are delivered. Otherwise, they can immediately make purchases.

Features and Benefits of 360-Degree Virtual Tours

The following are the features and benefits that 360-degree virtual tours provide to their users.

  • Engage customers in a way that no other marketing tool can
  • Each virtual tour can be accessed from any device (desktop, tablet, or smartphone)
  • Can be deployed at any time, with little to no upfront costs
  • Exhibits your items in a simple, user-friendly way
  • Allows freedom to explore space in a more dynamic way
  • It can be published on the website you choose
  • A highly engaging way to showcase your product or location
  • It makes the customer feel as if they’re there
  • Allows buyers to see the room from different angles in real-time
  • It has a higher completion rate than a traditional tour

There are many more pros to creating 360-degree virtual tours for your potential viewers and clients, but the most important ones are mentioned above.

Reasons Why You Should Use 360-Degree Virtual Tours in Your Next Space

Here are the five most significant reasons you should use 360-degree virtual tours in your next space.

Reason 1: They give you a complete view of the space.

Reason 2: They allow you to travel around the space as you like.

Reason 3: They are immersive and make you feel like you are there.

Reason 4: They can show off different parts of the space freely.

Reason 5: They can be fun and engaging for visitors.


360-degree virtual tours are a new and exciting way to look at spaces that weren’t possible before. They allow for a more immersive experience than a standard video tour.

These tours can be used for many purposes, including showing your home, showcasing a restaurant or store, or giving a tour of your favourite museum.

360-degree virtual tours have changed how we view spaces. So whether you’re planning an interior design project or looking to appeal to more customers, a 360-degree virtual tour offers you everything you’ll need to truly experience a space.