How Property CGI Has Earned Its Place in Property Marketing

When it comes to using CGI in property marketing, it is pretty safe to say that every estate agent knows just how much a good-looking picture can help sell a home. And this is the part where CGI visualisation comes into play! Modern CGI technology allows 3D artists to create some truly amazing images of their projects. Some of these images can be easily mistaken for real photos. With this in mind, it is safe to say that CGI rightfully deserves a place in property marketing. And since property CGI has been around for quite some time now (a couple of decades to be more exact), 3D artists have had enough time to learn how to use even the most advanced of its features for property development.

CGI Images Made Difference on the Westworld Film

Westworld was reportedly the first-ever film to use a bunch of computer-generated images. The director of the movie decided to use computer-generated images to show what the world would look like through a robot’s eye. Many experts told him that what he wanted to achieve was pretty much impossible. But he still decided to move forward with the project and actually ended up creating a movie filled with some really amazing CGI effects.

CGI Has Become Much More Affordable

Due to the fact that both technology and software have gone through some really big changes, property CGI has become much more affordable, as well as much more mainstream than it has ever been before. In other words, CGI can really help bring a project to life by ensuring that even the most intricate of details look as good as they could possibly look. The improved quality of CGI provides 3D artists with almost photorealistic-looking images. In fact, the quality of property CGI has improved so much that it is pretty hard to tell the difference between CGI images and real photos.

Buying a new home off-plan can be a risky business. However, it is a necessary step that people need to take if they want to get the sales moving. And since aspiring homeowners cannot see nor touch what they are buying, they rely heavily on indicative images to help them visualize what their new property is going to look like once they move in.

CGI and Virtual Reality

When you combine CGI with the ability to use virtual reality and animations, you provide homeowners with the opportunity to walk through their new home before the foundations are even laid. With this in mind, property CGI has become one of the most important tools when it comes to property marketing. We live in a world where market conditions can be quite challenging sometimes, and because of that, being able to sell more homes off-plan is what many property developers are always trying to do. And that is something that both computer generated imagery and virtual reality can help you with!

As you can see, the modern property CGI technology allows companies to showcase their products long before they even hit the shelves. Investing in this technology is very important for both builders and potential homebuyers who want to remove some of the risks associated with buying off-plan. That being said, investing in a good property CGI production can add a significant amount of value to your property marketing efforts.