The Importance of 3D Rendering for Furniture Companies

Today, both big and small companies alike have access to affordable 3D rendering services that can help with the marketing and manufacturing of products.

In particular, the furniture industry has seen a vast adoption of 3D furniture renderings to improve its marketing strategies. But, that is not all that 3D rendering can offer the furniture industry, here are the main reasons why 3D rendering is so important in 2021:

Faster speed to market

A furniture company with a faster speed to market with an inferior product can surpass companies with higher quality products if that company is not fast enough to capture the attention of their key demographic. Speed is key, especially for seasonal or “trendy” models.

3D furniture rendering saves a lot of time. A furniture business can quickly prototype the product, finalise the design and have it ready for production quickly with the help of 3D rendering.

Pair that with the fact that 3D rendering can produce sales and marketing material without the product needing to be produced in physical form, you can see why its popularity is soaring. This also helps eliminate the delay between the product being completed and the sales material being ready to market the product to potential customers as soon as possible.

Eliminates the need for a professional studio 

Furniture companies with a presence online need a way to advertise images of their products on their website. You could go down the traditional route of hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your entire product line. Or, you can produce a realistic 3D image of the product on a computer and save a lot of money. 

Once you have 3D rendering specialists at your disposal, you can use 3D rendering during the design and sales phase, making the overall process more productive and far less expensive.

Also,3D rendering is more visually striking than a photograph because it is more interactive. It allows you to create a 3D interactive version of a product line, to see in different angles and details. We challenge you to find a photographer that can do this, without breaking the bank. 

Speaking of costs, 3D rendering swaps the arduous process of shipping products and different models of furniture for photoshoots, for a more streamlined approach. A company might only have one shot at getting it right, if there are any issues with the pictures, another photoshoot will need to be arranged and pay for the costs over again. 

The best part about 3D rendering is that it not only fixes these problems but also provides a company with a higher quality service. In addition to the models themselves, a virtual environment can also be made to help the company show off the furniture in the best possible way.

Improving Conversion rates

Worst case scenario: you make the prototype, the production model, and market it, but it turns out to be a failed product that flopped upon hitting the market. If this was a company’s debut product line, it could break them. 

3D rendered products prevent this. A 3D product has been shown to garner better conversion rates on online product pages. This is because a customer can view the product in a way that replicates interacting with it in real life. The more familiar a customer is with a product, the more likely they are to buy it. 

On top of that, 3D rendering allows a company to weed out any issues before its produced, preventing costly revisions. This way, a company can test the marketing materials of a product before they start manufacturing it, to see if it will be popular amongst buyers.

Helping situational demands 

In some cases, especially during festive periods, there is a demand for specific models for various purposes. As you can imagine, it’s not a feasible option to invest a large amount of money into photographing one-time products. 3D rendering is the solution. It provides companies with a catalogue to encompass the specific requirements for one-off furniture designs.

No matter the occasion, a furniture business can cater to clients’ demands with the use of 3D rendering. 

Helping a furniture business grow 

One tried and tested way to make a business grow is to boost its efficiency. With 3DLines, a company can utilise 3D furniture rendering to save time, money and boost sales. 

Every year, 3D rendering technology becomes more advanced, offering more options and faster ways to create models and backgrounds. 

To harness the full potential of an online store or website, showcasing stunning images of your furniture line is a must. 3D rendering can be used to keep up and stand out from competing furniture companies.

Those that take advantage of 3D rendering will upgrade their marketing materials, prevent money loss during the design phase and increase conversions.