Top 4 Ways To Get a Set of Images With a Single Furniture Model using CGI’s

There is absolutely no doubt that 3D furniture CGI has revolutionised product marketing tools, as well as product advertising. Before furniture CGI became a thing, getting marketing imagery required a photoshoot session. In other words, getting marketing imagery was much more complicated back then, and one of the main reasons why it was such a complicated thing to do is because it involved sending prototypes in almost every single colour and configuration possible to a professional photography studio. And as you may imagine, each and every occasion required a new, different photoshoot session, which made the job even more complicated. However, those times are long gone, and the 3D product CGI is here to save the day!

Now that the photorealistic 3D product rendering is here, many different product marketers and manufacturers get high-quality visualisations in a carefree way. With this in mind, every single type of product CGI can be created digitally. This includes pretty much anything and everything from lifestyles, to cutouts, silo images. Simply put, you are only limited by your imagination. It all starts with a high-quality 3D model. And if you are wondering how stuff like this happens, then you’ve come to the right place as we at 3D Lines are expects in the field. That being said, here are top four ways we can create realistic, impeccable images with a single 3D model!

Showing Different Configurations

Saying that a 3D model is perfect for showing different configurations is nothing but truth. Professional 3D modeling services can make any changes to the image geometry that they want, which basically means that they can apply different furniture design configurations on the go. While it is a great way to show an entire range of design variations in a catalog, making changes to a furniture configuration can help you test the market as well.

A 3D Model Allows For All Sorts of Views

A single 3D rendering model allows you to create detailed furniture CGI views. This includes all sorts of product views, such as close-ups for demonstration of textures, front views for general outside looks, and cutouts for highlighting certain features of products, as well as bird and side views for showing the design from every single angle that you can possibly imagine.

Playing With Colours

Now, we all know that 3D rendering models can be tweaked and played around with, right? That being said, 3D artists can change design colours, as well as design textures to give their projects different colour and texture options. This is a much more cost effective option than producing a different prototype for each colour, and then sending them all to a professional photography studio. And on top of that, photorealistic 3D rendering images will look just as impressive as real photos would.

All Sorts of Scenes Can Be Used

Whether you need a plain background or a room filled with all sorts of decorations, you’ve got nothing to worry about. With a single 3D model, a 3D artist can place the object in all sorts of scenes. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is amazing!