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Create what doesn't exist

3D architectural CGI's can help showcase designs visually and better understand the end-product which doesn't yet exist. Photo realistic projection is now a possibility because of 3d visualisation. All of our designers are highly skilled in 3D visualisation.


Unlimited Design Options

Our office is full of designers which go beyond their limits offering various design options for our clients. They present 3D visualisation designs for them to easier imagine how their project will turn out to be in the end.


Sell Off Your Plans

It's easier to sell off your plans to customers by providing them photorealistic images for residential & commercial properties. We have the latest 3D visualisation technology at hand and provide 3D architectural visualisation services for your needs.

Experts in CGI, 3D Visualisation & 3D Design

3D Lines is a creative 3D Visualisation Studio specialising in architectural visualisation, design and property CGI. We help you create what doesn't yet exist. For over 10 years we’ve developed into industry leaders in the use of 3D visualisation, CGI and animation for marketing property, commercial and consumer products.

Explore Our Range of Creative 3D Visualisation and Design Services

Experienced in 3D architectural rendering services

Our 3D visualisation team has years of experience in creating stunning CGI Images. Using the latest 3D visualisation software, our in-house design team can create photorealistic, interactive and cost-effective 3D visualisations.

Combining the power of 3d visualisation and photorealistic CGI visualisations is certainly the best ways of showing your creative visions. Our services will help you by increasing the chance of winning a pitch, attracting new business, or giving a client insight into how the finished design will look at the end of the project.

VR &
Property Marketing

We devise and create exceptional property marketing collateral for Developers and Estate Agents marketing new homes, commercial property and retail developments.

Product 3d Visualisation

Use of 3D Visualisation and CGI in manufacturing, product design, and marketing has grown over recent years. Showcasing the beauty of your products from the inside out has powerful benefits of standing out in today’s busy marketplace. We bring to life your imagined projects by providing our clients with 3D visualisation for a reality architectural forecast into the future.

VR & Animation

We offer architectural animation, 3D walkthrough and 3D Flyover services which will give you a realistic 3D visualisation of your next project. We use the latest software to show your project like never before.

We listen & work together to create truly amazing visuals

Let our experienced 3D visualisation designers take care of your next project so you can sit back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will do the 3D rendering for you in order to beautifully visualise your end product.
About Us
Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a simple and effective way to show buyers how their interior design space will look with the addition of virtual sofas, chairs, tables & TVs. Our 3D visualisation software will make it easier for customers to make their decision based on our created 3D visualisation designs.

Interior CGI

We use 3D visualisation details to showcase bedrooms, bathrooms, stunning stairways and unique architectural features and interior designs like never before. Whether you need visuals for marketing, sales or advertising, you’ll never need to worry about the pitfalls of photoshoots again.

Architectural 3D Visualisation

Working from detailed architectural plans and specifications, no detail is missed in our architectural CGIs. Textures, materials, windows, doors and exterior features are pixel-perfect and presented in 3D visualisation by our 3D rendering software.

Client reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and make sure every client is happy with thier completed project. Read our testimonials.
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