Why 3D Exterior Rendering Matters?

Exterior rendering is more than just about showing a stunning proposed design. The CGI exterior renderings serve many important purposes for the designers and help Planners, Property Developers and Architects speed up the entire process from design to construction.

Exterior CGIs are created from the architect's 2D sketches to provide the user with a simple, accurate representation of the property, letting them imagine what is on offer. It helps to improve customer experience.

Planning Approval

A 3D Exterior Rendering of a proposed built can bring several benefits. By using detailed architectural drawings we can create 3D Architectural Renders that could be used to aid planning application, development funding or simply give everyone involved a clear insight into the final construction.

Aids Development

Using Photorealistic Exterior Rendering is a great way to help during the design or construction phase of any property project. One of the main benefits this brings is clearer communication, as a 3D model is a lot easier to understand than a 2D drawing. Elements that may have been overlooked are highlighted a lot quicker.

Kick-Starts Marketing

Using 3D Architectural Exterior Rendering, property developers behind the scheme can begin marketing long before the project is underway. Our works can be used for a range of purposes from photorealistic images used on-site hoarding, social media, outdoor advertising and in property brochures to gain interest in the development.


Why Do You Need Our Service for Exterior CGI Imagery?

Architectural CGI will bring many benefits to your next project if it is well-executed, especially the exterior aspect because it plays a major part. High-quality visualization will improve revenue and make the business grow faster. On the contrary, poorly-rendered images may not give justice to a stunning design. Besides being so crucial, CGI Imagery is also very complex to master, but here at 3D Lines, we have you covered. That is why we offer the service of our professional team to deal with all our project needs. We are proud to say we have what it takes to bring all the benefits of wonderful exterior visualisation to your next project.

Many years of exterior cgi rendering experience which you can see it from our portfolio


Time efficiency with the systematic schedule that we inform on our proposal.

CGI Artist

Well-trained CGI Artist who keep up to date with the latest software


Cost efficiency with a clear rendering pricing statement written in our proposal. No hidden fee and no unexpected bill.


Latest technology and tools for the most advanced building exterior result.

final result

Ultra-realistic exterior renderings. Every element is meticulously customised, polished, including lighting, shadow & texture.

How Do We Work?

With all projects however big or small we work to the same systematic plan to ensure we always produce high-quality CGIs, on time and on budget. We understand the frustration of outsourcing 3D exterior rendering work so we go the extra mile to not let you down. Generally, here are the steps we follow:
  • 1
    Clay Modeling

    With all the drawings and information provided, we will form the 3D modeling. It will be very detailed, but uncolored. We offer this image for review and comments to get the overall geometry. If anything incorrect, we will revise it first before putting more complexion into the modeling.

  • 2
    Textures & Materials

    After the 3D form is accurate and approved, its time to add materials and textures. Every single type of material used is customised ensure they are as realistic as possible. We will then present it to you again for another round of comments. Once confirmed, we will start the rendering process.

  • 3

    Once you are happy all corrections and updates needed are completed we render this CGI in draft quality for the final review and to check you are happy with all elements before going into final high-quality production work. This ensures we keep on time and on budget.

Architectural Visualisation - Manchester - Hotel Building Exterior CGI Night
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Frequently Asked Question

Here are some questions that our prospective clients mostly asked about exterior cgi design rendering projects. If you have any other questions, kindly contact us. We would love to assist.

What kinds of exterior building you can visualise?

As shown in our portfolio, we can visualise the exterior designs of all kinds of property. So far, we have finished exterior CGIs for houses, schools, hospitals, offices, shopping centres, etc.

Can you render other kinds of 3D Renderings besides the exterior?

Sure! You can trust us for any kind of 3D CGI renderings, including furniture, interiors, and even landscaping projects.

Can I receive the final product in SketchUp or 3Dsmax format?

Unfortunately no. SketchUp & 3Dsmax formats counts as a source file. That is a part of our company’s intellectual property. You can receive the images in JPG format and the animation video in AVI format. If sourse files are needed please get in touch with our team who can help on this matter.