The Benefits of Product Visualisation

At 3DLines, our in-house CGI artists create photorealistic images of products using polishing, textures, and lighting elements to make your product look the best it possibly can.
CGI product visualisation can benefit designers, manufacturers, customers, and sellers alike. Having a beautiful portfolio of high quality rendered products can significantly increase your sales and attract more attention to your products, save on costly prototypes and help buyers understand the product in more depth, as well as provide an ideal customer experience. A product's appearance matters from start to finish. Here are how our beautiful photorealistic images can enhance your next project:

3D models created through our product visualisation allow you to zoom in to specific details and manipulate them in ways to highlight the special features of your products. This way you can emphasise the selling points of your product and show off the features that make your product unique.

Attractive Presentation

At 3DLines, we finish each 3D product visualisation to look as detailed and lifelike as possible. We understand that our models of your products need to look physically realistic and ready for the real world. Our visuals show complex and technical, yet accurate details, so no one is surprised by the finished products. By using a 3d product, you will create an immersive shopping experience for your customers.


The final images we create for you are not limited to showcasing to buyers or investors; they can also be used for any marketing reasons. We will send you a file containing the stunning 3D product visualisation images, which you can use to review before you start the production of your product. They are a great way to promote your product and are of high quality, perfect for advertising, marketing and promotional activities.

Why Trust Us with Product Visualisation

For years we have been focusing on developing our skills and increasing our service to become leaders in the world of 3D models and CGI Visualisation. We pride ourselves with the dedication we put on each project we have
Skill and Performance

At 3DLines, we specialise in 3D product modelling and rendering. We proudly provide cost-effective services for product visualisation needs to all our clients. Our team works together under the same roof and are trained with integrity to deliver first-class marketing CGI options for our clients. We pride ourselves on the over 2,500 projects we have successfully completed.

Clear Contract

Before the contract, you will receive a proposal from us. Included in the proposal: The quote, which includes detailed information about the job description we offer. The schedule plan, the budget statement, and other important matters. We stay in contact with you throughout the entire process and don't worry, there are no hidden fees or extra costs. We make the majority of our revisions free for our clients.

Meticulous Execution

We conduct our work systematically with our tried and tested methods to minimise errors and maximize output quality. Visualising each image step-by-step allows our in-house team to be attentive to detail and exceed expectations. We even have a standardisation protocol for the final result we deliver to the client to ensure our standards never slip.

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