Why Invest in 3D Furniture CGI Services?

Arranging transportation for an entire range of physical furniture models for photography to a studio isn’t always possible. When working with 3DLines, our expert team of designers can achieve beautifully finished 3D furniture renderings with unlimited selection of life-like textures, colours, materials and room settings. When working with 3D models, you still end up with a high quality image that adequately displays your furniture piece or pieces.
Concept Testing

3D Furniture CGI services benefit you in the pre-production process of the project. You can review 3D images of furniture fabrics and design in impeccable detail with our accurate 3D model representation of the final design, without the need to produce costly physical samples.

Perfect Images

Use of 3D images via computer rendering allows us to visualise the furniture in a room for high-quality product promotions. We can dress most types of furniture and place them in either an office or home setting. We use the latest tools when constructing each image, including detailed lighting to highlight life-like textures of your furniture and provoke an emotional response in potential customers. You may not even notice the difference between our 3D images and photos of real furniture.


3D rendering serves the same purpose as furniture studio photography. Yet, the technique costs less money and is much easier to do. No need to rent a studio, pay photographers, stock up with an entire range of models and supporting objects and the streamlined process is more efficient.

Expansive Marketing Content

Quickly produce product CGI of the same item using 100’s of different fabrics and finishes, i.e. leather, wood, glass, or different product configurations to showcase your product range in full. Achieve multiple camera positions with a realistic lighting setup, concluding in an easy to manage file format. The flexibility is endless!

360 Degree View

Create photorealistic 360 views of model furniture so users can rotate the product around, ensuring they can see the product from any angle. This is great marketing content to aid the customer's user experience and decision making, as 3D visuals paint the full picture of a product. Not only could this provide insight to interior design decisions, it could be the key to selling an entire product line.

CGI Furniture Animation

Showcasing a piece's design features, functions and potential configurations in more complex interior design can be better demonstrated with the use of 3D Animation. Some furniture can be difficult to fully understand with image-only product CGI services. 3D models of furniture are ideal for demonstrating the full product.

Furniture 3D Model - 2 seater sofaFurniture CGI Visualisation, Oxford, U.K., 2 Seater Sofa CGI Image

Why Trust Us with 3D Furniture Visualisation

3DLines aims to provide you with the best set of marketing tools to engage with potential buyers and increase sales. We strive to be the industry leaders in furniture visualisation and 3D rendering services. We set a high standard to make sure clients are satisfied. Here is what you can expect on each 3D furniture project:
Excellent Experience

We are not a new player in product visualisation practice and have worked with 150 individual clients to create beautiful visuals and boost sales. Check out our portfolio to see our high quality images and 3D models. Our clients all appreciate the time and effort we take to produce stunning work for their collection.

Skill and Performance

Our company is made up of highly skilled designers, who understand contemporary trends and how visuals evoke quality design. Our team is equipped with advanced technical tools and training, ready to tackle your 3D furniture needs.

Cost and Time Clarity

There is no place for uncertainty when it comes to budget and timeline. We understand how crucial this is and that's why we are always up front with our proposal schedule and budget (including special offers) so that there are no hidden surprises along the way. When you receive your 3D images or animations of furniture designs, you will be 100% satisfied with the timing and quality.

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