Why Do You Need CGI For Marketing?

How do you convince people to buy a property or a building that doesn't yet exist?

Computer Generated Images (CGI) are the answer. Thus, marketing can start at the beginning of the property development plan. With exterior property renderings, people can see what the building looks like. They can even experience what it's like to be inside and around the property. With high-quality photorealistic rendering, your potential buyers will understand the amazing features of your project. On the contrary, if the CGI rendering quality is poor, your property will appear less appealing than it is. So many property developers have seen their businesses flop because they did not execute their visualisation properly.

New Homes

Creating exterior CGI for property marketing is our passion. We aid real estate agents and property developers in creating high-quality stunning property development marketing materials to kick-start their marketing campaigns. Real estate agents find potential buyers a future home, guided by our updated materials.

Commercial Property

We not only deal with residential projects, we can help market commercial properties too. This can be from proposed high-quality designs to office fit-out projects and every development project in between. Allow us to create the ultimate commercial property rendering, complete with virtual staging, just for you.

Property Brochures

Marketing brochures are key to any property development plan. Marketing materials have become more necessary in recent years; we help our clients produce creative marketing brochures to aid sales and interest with creative and realistic CGI.

Beckland Hill, Newark, U.K., Property CGI Images RenderingProperty CGI for Building in Beckland Hill, 04-1, Newark, United Kingdom

The Benefits of Our Property Rendering Services

We understand how vital quality CGI is to the success of your proposed project. That is why we have grown to provide the most reliable architectural visualisation for property developments. Here are the advantages we offer from our CGI services:
Experienced in CGI

Creating computer generated imagery for off-plan properties is not a beginner's industry. We have been specializing in CGI rendering for many years. Our portfolio includes a large variety of CGI rendering projects for marketing that have been created by a team of skilled artists. Our team has worked through industry challenges and strives for continuous improvement to achieve the level of skill and professionalism we are proud of offer.

Highly Skilled in 3D

Creating realistic CGI for property development requires outstanding competency in architectural visualisation. Luckily, our team has this. We regularly update our skills with training and seminars. We aim to bring all our clients a high-end service for their 3D visualisation needs.

Modern Technology

What is a highly-skilled team without high-end gear? We find it essential to learn and use the most advanced specialised software and technology innovations on the market. We are used to looking at new ways we can push the boundary of CGI.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Our proposal process is extensive and accurate. This accuracy reduces the surprise of unexpected costs or delays. Your project timeline will stay on track thanks to the knowledge we have of our team's abilities and constraints.

High Accuracy

We build digital property homes as precise as the real ones will be. Every element is made to a high-quality standard from geometry to textures and materials, giving a photo-realistic impression of your property.

Attention to Details

The more detailed your CGI images, the more people can notice the perceived value of your property. Every element is perfected for photo-realism at its best.

Ultra-Realistic Virtual Images

Photo-realistic visualisation is very convincing and creates emotional attachment within the viewer, increasing the chances of a successful sale. Every surface of your virtual reality building is carefully detailed.

Free Revisions

We take full responsibility for what we have done and you will see the revision period on our proposed schedule. We offer our clients the opportunity to review and make comments every step of the way.

Cost Efficiency

High-quality CGI is the most cost-effective way to start marketing and selling property off plan in today's competitive real estate industry.


What Is Included in Our Visualisation Service - And Why It Matters

Our clients deserve to know exactly what they're paying for. It is a source of pride that we always deliver a complete package of 3D visualisation services with clearly outlined contracts.
Detailed Design

The beauty of design comes from its detailing. We think it is important to visualise all details. Simple things like a door handles, plants, and window frames are beautifully rendered in our property developments (including virtual staging).

Material & Textures

The use of different materials bring personality to an architectural project. That is why we focus on details like the texture of each material. This element is also vital in delivering realistic images.

Shadow & Light

We can see how shadow and light may affect the atmosphere of a space in proposed properties. We use real-life sun and lighting data to create an accurate and high-quality CGI impression.

Supporting Elements

Many people underestimate the importance of supporting elements in a property rendering. This is key to bringing the computer-generated image to life. When creating CGI for property development, we provide a complete picture of the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us for any questions you have about Property CGI Services. We would love to assist you. But first, please check out our list of F.A.Q as below.

What if I just need a few images instead of a whole package of CGI rendering for my property?

Our service is flexible to fulfill our clients’ requirements. We deal with both small and large property developments.

Can I have the 3D file for internal use?

The raw file is a part of intellectual property. The editable file belongs to our company. If you need a project with access to the 3D files, contact our team and we’d gladly help.

Do you have a limit for revisions?

We generally don’t have a set amount of revision. We recommend that you carefully review our drafts. This way we can work effectively on the first revision period. The second revision period is meant to perfect the previous revision. Normally we find two revisions to be enough to get the best CGI images of each project.