Commercial Architecture and CGI

In the world of real estate, marketing plays a crucial role in attracting potential buyers or tenants. To stand out in a crowded market, property marketing campaigns need to showcase the property’s features and benefits in a visually compelling way. This is where CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) comes in. CGI allows marketers to create stunning 3D visualisations of properties, highlighting unique features and creating a compelling narrative.


If you’re unfamiliar with CGI’s role in the marketing of commercial architecture and why it is so beneficial, not to worry! The contents of this article will get you completely up-to-speed on not only the different benefits and uses that CGI carries within the property marketing sphere, but also the origins and future of this application. 


Property CGI

In the realm of property marketing, CGI has become increasingly popular as a tool. The purpose of using CGI for properties is simple. Sometimes potential buyers or tenants want to have a distinct view of what the property looks and feels like even if they are unable to physically be in the space. With property CGI, they can get the immersive, realistic experience they desire. Once they are able to visualise the space and get a better understanding of its features and layout, it is far more likely that they’ll want to live there.


Advantages of Property CGI

There’s no question that property CGI has become the most state-of-the-art way to showcase a property. In comparison to the traditional route of photography or video, there are a few distinct advantages that make CGI so compelling. 


For starters, there is a far greater ability to control the visual elements of the property. The highly flexible nature of CGI makes it possible to create photorealistic images that can also be tailored to meet the particular needs of your marketing campaign. This can include everything from highlighting specific features of the property to showcasing the property within different seasons, weather, and lighting conditions.


Another strong advantage of property CGI is how much time and money it saves when implemented. The process of hiring a photographer is exhausting, and even then, it can be time-consuming to set up and capture that perfect shot. With CGI, you can maintain a more consistent workflow, and the images can be created digitally without the need for the hassle of physical setups and photoshoots.


Property CGI For Real Estate Development

Real estate development can be a very complex process, as it consists of seemingly endless stages of planning, designing, and communication between the many parties involved. Fortunately, CGI technology has made it far easier for real estate developers to visualise the potential of a property or development project. With the help of CGI, developers can create a 3D model of a property and simulate different design options to see how the final product will look. When it comes to planning multiple properties, visualisation is more important than ever. This aids them in making informed decisions about the property without having to risk a large investment of time and money into the development of physical models.


CGI can also help communicate the vision for a development project to stakeholders and investors, which is critical in the early stages of real estate. With the help of photorealistic CGI images, developers can showcase the design and layout of a property in a more engaging and convincing way, hopefully swaying those who need a bit of extra convincing. This is especially useful when presenting the project to remote investors who may not be able to visit the site in person because their experience can become just as immersive as the one that those present can receive. CGI images can help these individuals visualise the potential of the project and make informed investment decisions.


Real estate developers also use CGI technology to create virtual tours of a property. This allows potential buyers or tenants to explore the property in a more interactive way, far before the building has even been created. Virtual tours can be customised to showcase different parts of the property, such as the exterior, interior, and amenities. This can help attract more buyers or tenants and is often much cheaper than holding a real tour.


Office Space CGI

Office space CGI is a specialised form of CGI that creates realistic, detailed 3D visualisations of an office space. This is utilised to showcase to potential buyers the many features and amenities the space has to offer through an immersive experience. 


Though they are similar in some senses, there are a few distinct differences between office space CGI and property CGI. While property CGI is meant to give overviews and often has a dedicated outdoor element, office space CGI typically focuses more on the interior spaces of the property. Things like cubicles, meeting rooms, and communal spaces can be observed through the use of CGI. In fact, every last detail, from the furniture and decor to the lighting of the space, can be managed and showcased within the CGI.


The Benefits of Office Space CGI

Much like property CGI, there are several benefits and advantages that stem from choosing this technology instead of traditional formats. There is, firstly, the ability to be incredibly selective and particular about the elements showcased in the digital renderings. If you want the lighting to be a certain way, or you don’t want it to look as empty, these are things that can be easily fixed in the CGI software.


For office space CGI in particular, there is a heavy focus on seemingly small details. CGI can highlight all of the unique features of the space, and buyers can see exactly how it would look without ever having to step foot onto the property. Even things that are often disregarded, like parking lot space and fitness facilities, can be fully showcased through the use of CGI.


An added bonus of CGI is that when people can virtually explore a space, they feel more inclined to lease it. If your venture gets a lot of attention from people who are located far from the property, they can still make their decision as someone who has positively experienced the actual space.


Why You Need CGI For Your Commercial Architecture 

The key to a successful CGI design is one that takes into account the many crucial elements that come with persuading a prospective buyer. This means beautifully rendered images, as the more aesthetically pleasing the CGI is, the more likely the buyer will take an interest. 3D advertising is the way of the future, and frankly, it may be the best way to increase your sales.


Receiving buyers and investors for property-related projects before their conception is difficult. The question of how to convince people to buy something that doesn’t exist is a hard one to answer, but fortunately, CGI does this eloquently. The property can be felt and experienced to its fullest potential before it even comes into existence!


The Benefits of 3D Lines’ Property Rendering Services

3D Lines understands that without quality imaging, it’s likely that a property developer’s business will fail to succeed. The professional, competent team at 3D Lines is committed to providing services that are beyond adequate and are, in fact, excellent. 


Experience and Skill

Creating CGI images for properties requires a high level of expertise and experience. This is where the team at 3D Lines excels. With decades of experience in the industry, the team has developed a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to property marketing. Through various rendering projects for property managers, they have developed a set of outstanding skills that aim to bring a high-end service to each and every client.


To ensure that their skills remain up-to-date, the team at 3D Lines regularly attends training and seminars, keeping abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the industry. This allows them to deliver the highest quality CGI images for their client’s properties.


Advanced Technology

If you want quality renderings, they need to be created with the use of quality technology! 3D Lines thinks that finding and utilising the most advanced software innovation on the market is essential to giving clients the best CGI technologically possible. 


With this technology, the digital properties built will be just as detailed and accurate as the real thing. From geometry to materials and textures, it’s clear to see that the final product is a picture-perfect, exact replica of what’s to come. 


Respect for Your Time and Money

3D Lines values their clients’ time and money. They understand that CGI imagery is an investment, and they work hard to ensure that clients get every penny’s worth of quality products. To achieve this, they offer a free revision period on all proposed schedules, allowing clients to make comments and critiques throughout every step of the process.


This approach ensures that clients are happy with the final product and that the CGI images accurately represent their properties. With 3D Lines, clients can rest assured that their investment in CGI imagery will be worth every penny.


What the Future Holds for Commercial Architecture CGI

Though the developments of CGI technology have already completely revolutionised the building design process for architects and designers, the future of CGI technology in commercial architecture is not just limited to better visualisation techniques. In fact, CGI has the potential to transform the entirety of architectural construction.


CGI technology has the capacity to aid sustainability efforts by simulating environmental impacts before construction even starts, identifying potential problems within the design and making changes before it’s too late in the building process. Developments in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology can transform the way that we interact with digital models. More informed decisions can be made, and issues can be avoided far before any time or money becomes unnecessarily wasted.


Don’t Risk Missing Out on CGI Developments

If you’re a property manager, real estate investor, or architect, then this technological advancement is not one to shy away from. As we briefly covered, this technology is only going to become more complex and more advanced as time progresses. Don’t risk your business being left behind. Look into ways to utilise CGI for your commercial architecture. 


If you lack the equipment and experience to develop these renderings on your own, look into outsourcing a trustworthy and decorated company to create them for you. 3D Lines is an expert when it comes to CGI, and the team is easily reachable for a free quote and casual conversation about the best way to convert your ideas into (virtual) reality. So, don’t wait! Contact 3D Lines today to learn more about how you can impress the next room of investors that you walk into.