Everything You Need to Know About CGI in Corporate Office Interior Design

Have you noticed why more and more office interior designers use CGI as a primary tool in their office design process?

Interior design has become one of the most competitive industries today. Businesses of all types and sizes now rely on interior designers to design their office space, highlight their company’s culture, and improve its traction online. Also known as interior design visualisation, CGI interior design is one of the best ways to get where you want to be — in front of potential clients and ahead of the competition.

Visualising interiors isn’t only a crucial part of every client pitch and design presentation; having an updated portfolio of work-in-process with interiors as CGI images will give you an additional tool to show how exceptional you are in the field.

The Importance of CGI in Office Interior Design

CGI is a creative form in itself that allows interior designers to bring office designs to life and drill down delicate details to show how particular concepts work, how a bespoke piece will function, and evoke the intended function and feel of the workplace design.

Want to create an office that makes employees feel safe or supports a hybrid working environment? Or deliver office spaces primarily using natural materials? Interior designers and design teams can do all of these and more through CGI.

CGI has become one of the most vital tools for any office interior design project and for interior designers to work with clients accurately. Because of this, office design projects run more smoothly, and the parties involved are able to communicate ideas clearly.

Still not convinced about the impact of CGI on interior design? We’ve listed two reasons why you should use CGI in your next or first workspace design projects.

  1. CGI Allows You to Convey the Atmosphere of the Space. It’s crucial for designers to communicate the mood or ambience of the space. Here, it’s all about harmonising lighting, materials, and other context elements to achieve a certain atmosphere.

By using CGI, designers can convey a specific ambience to clients through photorealistic depiction. Because of this technology, clients can be sure that the office interior will give their businesses a special vibe suitable for their intended audience.

  1. CG Rendering Makes It Easier to Work With Feedback. Being on the same page with clients is essential in any office interior design project. However, expressing their ideas, expectations, and requests can be difficult if they don’t fully understand the technical aspects. Instead of helping them, using schematic drawings might confuse them even further.

Using 3D interior rendering for interior visualisation saves designers time and effort from explaining in-depth all the technical aspects of the office space design. Designers can simply show clients every functional solution of the office interior design using photorealistic visuals. This way, clients can easily understand the vision and become more involved in the design process — regardless if they’re unaware of the technicalities involved in office design.

What Are the Benefits of CGI in Creating Office Designs?

As office space design continues to evolve, it’s crucial for every design team and interior designer to adapt. Gone are the days when presenting a 2D drawing of an office design was enough to satisfy a client or business. This is where CGI comes into the picture.

As mentioned, CGI is a valuable tool for anyone involved in interior design. By embracing this technology, interior designers and design teams can experience the following benefits:

Clearer Communication

Without CGIs, communicating visions to a client can become a tiresome, stressful, and time-consuming process. Sure, you might be able to describe your vision of a fun, aesthetic, or contemporary office design to clients, but at the end of the day, merely using words isn’t enough. Your idea of a specific type of lighting or ceiling might be different than that of your client.

Using CGI, you can bring a vision to life by showing your clients how you envisage a workplace design in intricate detail. This can expedite the approval process. Most importantly, this allows parties to work harmoniously together and ensure that everyone has the same vision for the office space.


Anything is possible with CGI. By harnessing the power of CGI, you can visualise your corporate office interior design easily and explore countless possibilities until you find the perfect balance of function and aesthetics for the office space.

Providing contractors with 3D joinery designs can also fastrack their quoting, which makes it easier for you to determine your pricing. This can significantly benefit your client as they’re able to prepare financially and avoid any hiccups.

Global Collaboration

Do you want to design office spaces for businesses in different parts of the world? If so, it’s essential to invest in a technology that enables you to collaborate with others regardless of location.

CGI is an accessible service that you and your clients can use worldwide. It produces imagery that surpasses language barriers and communicates the look and feel of an office design without using any words.

Delicate Details

Curating furnishings, lighting, and other design elements into 3D renderings make it easier to present a meticulously unique and detailed vision to clients. By using CGI, no stone is left unturned, as clients have a 360-degree view of what their future workspace will look like.

Highlighting delicate details through CGI gives clients comfort and reassurance, knowing that their concept will be brought to life and they’ll end up with a workplace that meets their expectations.


CGI can be used throughout the entire office design process — from planning and decision-making to internal team buy-in and collaborating with contractors. Computer-generated images are like artwork; they’re not merely a vehicle for office interior design communication.

How 3D Lines Can Help You Achieve High-Quality CGIs for Your Next Commercial Office Interior Design Project

We have worked with clients of all sizes to produce high-end CGIs for their developments and office designs. Whether you require CGIs as part of a complete interior design or as a standalone service to help you with your marketing, we got you covered!

3D Lines comprises a team of creative 3D visualisation artists guaranteed to deliver the highest quality renders to make your next project look amazing before it even exists. We use the latest software to create and showcase office spaces with designs and features that meet your client’s company’s culture or interior design goals.

Talk to us today, and you’ll never have to organise office photoshoots again or ask your clients to imagine the design you have in mind. We’d love to hear the idea you have in mind, and we’re looking forward to working with you to create the most stunning, unique, and realistic CGIs for clients!