Improving Customer Experience with CGI

When thinking of ways to improve your customers’ experiences, computer-generated imagery (CGI) may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it should be. With CGI being a relatively new technology, all the benefits are still being uncovered, but mainly it gives your customer the ability to see your products or ideas in stunning high definition in their space, in real time. 

3DLines strives to be an industry leader in this space and can provide 3D visualisations for all things from sofa designs to light fittings. Customer satisfaction stemming from a great customer experience is at the heart of all we do. The spectacular photo-realistic CGI images help you imagine the finished product from the onset and help make your marketing campaign a success – turning leads into customers.

Ahead of the curve

How does your brand stay relevant in a fast, overstimulated marketplace? By utilising multiple cutting-edge tools that help convey your brand’s story effectively. This ultimately improves the customer experience.  CGI can be used to help a client narrow down their choices much quicker by seeing both your and their ideas in life-like renderings. Consumers demand choices, but also desire real-time technology to take the guesswork out of their decisions. Often, indecisiveness can lead to missed opportunities or sales. 

When your company is using CGI to assist the client, seeing their choices in a beautiful 3D rendering will increase their confidence in what they have chosen and the overall process while simultaneously improving brand credibility.

Some of the industries where computer-generated imagery technology has proven to be most effective are virtual staging and CGI furniture renderings. 3DLines’ team works to transform images of a property or space into a beautifully dressed final photograph. It has proven to be the perfect solution for showcasing the potential of a building or room to prospective buyers without having to physically stage these areas. The team matches the colour and lighting to the original image resulting in astonishing, professional images giving the client the much-needed visual they crave in the decision-making process.

When it comes to furniture visualisation and virtual staging, 3DLines’ CGI tools make it feasible to produce your furniture visuals staged in an actual room scenario. This creates visuals for marketing the certain look a client is looking for long before a physical product is available. 

In some cases, this could make a need for a physical furniture showroom a thing of the past. When all your inventory in unlimited colour and fabric options can be digitally displayed in any room using CGI, it can cut down on costs in other areas. Virtual staging has taken off as of late because it is more cost effective, quicker to put together, and easier on you. 

Create the Perfect Space

You can utilise 3DLines’ CGI capabilities to make products or furniture look exactly as you imagine them, adding objects such as sofas, chairs, and accessories displaying the space in its intended glory; helping clients see themselves and their ideas come to life. These services are helpful not only on the client side, but in securing potential investments by showcasing stunning renditions of your products and furnishings. A huge benefit in the interior design space, for both commercial and domestic buildings, CGI turns designs into stunning images by applying 3D models to formulate a 3D interior scene turning once-vacant spaces into vibrant imagery. This assists customers in viewing products and experiencing them to some degree before making the purchase. With the beautifully visualised end product available for the customer to view, your services can speak for themselves!

Traditional staging of a space or a property with real furniture and design elements can cost thousands, as can arranging transportation of an entire product offering for photography to a studio. 3D furniture CGI rendering serves the same purpose as studio photography, but without the need for added man hours which means less workflow and overhead in general. 3DLines can help create virtual furniture that does not even look virtual with unlimited selection of colours, materials and room settings. There are several areas within furniture production where CGI can offer benefits, such as a pre-production preview. Additionally, you can review furniture dimensions and fabrics in impeccable detail without the need to produce costly samples.Maybe you have thought, “Wonder what that would look like in leather instead of fabric?”, or you have had a customer wonder out loud if a different colour would look better in their space. With CGI furniture, this can easily be produced for review, consideration and approval with minimal effort on your part! 3DLines aims to provide you with the best set of marketing tools to engage with potential buyers and increase sales. We set a high standard to be sure clients are satisfied and have an excellent experience.