How CGI has Impacted the Furniture Industry

The last two and a half years have proven a pivotal time for industries where people have historically needed to see things in person to feel comfortable with what they are purchasing. This is especially true for the furniture industry. When businesses were forced to close and remain closed for various time periods due to a global pandemic, they either learned how to be creative and stay open, or they closed their doors for good. 


Many of those that learned to be creative enlisted the help of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to continue to provide life-like images of their products in a distant world providing various settings, textures, colours, and designs. 3D furniture CGI is the future of furniture product photography. 3DLines strives to be an industry leader in this area providing flexibility to designers and offering ease in doing business.  3D furniture CGI services are easily provided remotely allowing for multiple camera angles with only one person’s working hours versus an in-person photo shoot which would require many working hours over multiple responsibilities.


CGI further revolutionised the furniture industry by proving to be a benefit in areas such as cost effectiveness and time savings. With the ability to use CGI to make products or furniture look life-like, it has replaced the need for traditional photography saving the cost of a photo studio and multiple photo shoots. 


While we hope these instances are few and far between, there can be cases after photoshoots when a customer may not like the light or the angle, triggering the need to re-capture all the images. What a nightmare! With CGI, that can be taken care of easily. It is only a matter of re-working an image on the computer rather than the need to start from scratch. The same would hold true when a new feature is added to a product line. The image is manipulated however necessary, and then up and running with little time lapse. 


When you compare that process to the need to produce a prototype, schedule a photographer, photograph the product in a studio or specific setting, edit the photo, and then finally send it out via the chosen marketing medium; it’s easy to see why CGI would be preferred. CGI allows customisation by having the ability to show a product in various colours, shapes and styles at the click of a button. By eliminating a physical photoshoot, this decreases time to market, and removes the need for arranging transportation for an entire product line to a studio for photography. Time is money, right?


Many furniture retailers closed their doors and did not re-open by choice post pandemic realising the cost savings of not having an actual storefront, but a virtual, customisable storefront. Regardless of where the storefront is, shoppers still want the ability to thoroughly examine their options, which can be tricky. 


Today, it is widely accepted that this can be accomplished through photos. Consumers are often given the option of seeing the furniture in their own space without having to purchase it for a test run. With CGI, manufacturers or furniture dealers can dictate the level of lifelikeness in a campaign appearing anywhere from an obvious computer image to a beautiful representational photograph. 


Many times, consumers cannot tell whether they are looking at a CGI created image or a photographed image since the completed CGI images can be placed into any background. This allows each rendering to be client specific to suit the needs of the company or the targeted audience. CGI has completely revolutionised the way we think images need to be procured. 


Working with companies such as 3DLines allows their experts to provide beautifully finished 3D furniture renderings which can be used for virtual staging or used on their own. CGI isn’t just for still life images. 3DLines can provide 3D Animation to better demonstrate design features, functions, and configurations.


Making your product look amazing before it even exists is an irreplaceable marketing tool that 3DLines can help you attain. Once a company embraces the use of CGI and adds it to their toolbox, the benefits are virtually limitless. CGI has changed the landscape of the furniture industry for buyers and sellers alike. From streamlining a sales and marketing campaign for sellers, to creating an easy visualisation process for the consumer. 

With over 2,500 projects completed, 3DLines prides themselves on being part of this exciting new solution in a world still full of unrealised possibilities and unlocked potential. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it only makes sense to make it easier to obtain.